Crime & Trauma Scene Clean Up

Life is never easy. While death is a natural part of life, not every death is natural or peaceful. Cleaning up after a tragedy or the loss of a loved one can sometimes be too much to bear.

CESI offers Crime and Trauma Scene Clean Up Services that restore the scene of a tragedy or loss. We treat our clients with the dignity and respect they deserve, especially following a violent or unplanned event that has brought chaos to their lives.

Following a crime or death scene investigation, the area where a crime or death occurred should be cleaned to remove bodily fluids and other visible evidence of the event. Bodily fluids can harbor biological hazards, so professional cleaning can ensure that any biological dangers are eliminated.

  • Bringing in a team of trained professionals can help family members avoid accidental exposures to pathogens they may be unaware of. Liquids, bodily fluids and investigative markings can be very difficult to remove from small spaces between floors, underneath tiles or under carpeting.
  • Our team also has professional training to help address the highly emotional nature of crime scenes and unexpected or violent deaths.
  • Standard house cleaning techniques may not address common crime-scene issues like stains and odors that will serve as an ongoing reminder of the tragedy.
  • Professional crime scene cleaning professionals are specifically trained in the identification and complete removal or neutralization of bodily fluids, and can also assist in evidence recovery. Kendra, our team leader, has more than 15 years of law enforcement experience.

Even in cases where no death has occurred, other circumstances may have arisen that require professional Crime and Trauma Scene cleaning. Examples include significant blood loss and violent illnesses. We are often called in to assist in cleaning funeral homes and health care facilities.

We emphasize ongoing education and training for our staff, and our staff members are routinely called to serve as expert witnesses in court proceedings. Our processes conform to nationally accepted standards for specialized scene cleaning. We don’t make guesses about the best course of action because we don’t have to. We know exactly how to clean and restore a trauma scene, safely, quickly and completely.


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Dr. Dennis M. Summers


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