Indoor Environmental Air Assessments

Indoor environmental air assessments measure the present condition of an environment. These measurements can help detect positive and negative changes to the indoor air environment. An indoor air assessment can help establish trend information about the ongoing condition of the home.

mold_and_fungal_growth-300x167-1Building materials degrade at varying rates, depending upon stresses that are unique to their environment. In addition, some newer building materials may not possess the appropriate durability for long-term use. Mold and bacteria may grow unabated in porous surfaces. Ground water may penetrate foundations, causing the structure to deteriorate more rapidly. This decomposition can open the door to indoor air quality problems.

An experienced indoor environmental assessment team can help you determine the source of your indoor air quality problems, measure the extent to which these conditions are affecting your home and provide recommendations to slow or eliminate negative contributors to your indoor air environment.

Periodic assessments conducted by trained personnel can help you determine the ongoing effectiveness of your remediation efforts, and can also identify new areas of concern.

The trained professionals at CESI can conduct indoor environmental assessments in your home. We can provide you with the data you need to determine whether or not indoor environmental issues are a concern. We can also make specific recommendations to eliminate problem areas that deteriorate the quality and safety of the environment inside your home.


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